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SAVE THE DATE! Hmong Women Take on the World Global Online Summit Celebration is happening on October 17-18, 2020.

Today’s modern Hmong woman and girl are evolving.  As we move forward, let’s not forget how we’re connected and take a moment to honor the diverse journeys. Our time is now.

The world is ours.  To inspire and connect.

In 2018, we celebrated with our Hmong sisters and supporters worldwide. With over 1,000 views on our Global Live Summit Celebration, we made a global footprint celebrating Hmong women worldwide. 

There’s still much work to be done, but many from all over the world and from different backgrounds, came together for one day, just one day, to celebrate. 

Many were inspired as they connected and joined in real-talks on social media and locally through Official City Host locations from around the world.

Our goal has been to bring the global “stage” so you can find your tribe to connect and make a difference. And we did just that! 

We THANK YOU for joining  us in this journey. It’s not possible without you. Here’s to celebration with you! See you at our next Global Online Summit Celebration!



We envision Hmong women and girls from all over the world connecting to celebrate – just for a day. Our purpose is to provide the inspiration, education, and connection you need to find your authentic voice, to grow and transform.  We bring the global “stage” so you can find your tribe to connect and make a difference. Because we’re simply stronger together.



Honor the diverse journeys and draw strength from the diverse Hmong women worldwide, from Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Laos, Vietnam, to the USA and everywhere else in between


Harness our authentic voices by finding and connecting with each other to gain a global perspective


Share and amplify each other’s voices and the powerful, local stories for the next generation


Relevant conversations derived from diverse point of views in a variety of languages, from English to Hmong, Laotian, to French. That’s why we’re crowdsourcing topics and storytellers.

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