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We’re excited to announce this year’s storytellers for Hmong Women Take on the World’s 2018 Global Virtual Summit, an all-day global celebration with our Hmong sisters and supporters worldwide.  We hope to see you there on May 19-20, 2018! Be sure to register now .

How Does This Work?

Because this is a all-day global celebration, you can catch up your favorite storyteller by track throughout the day. Each track will be released timely throughout the day.

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StorytellerTopicLocationTracksExtended in All Access Pass
Angel Lee

Angel Lee is a social worker in a domestic abuse and sexual assault advocacy program in Gunderson Health in La Crosse, WI. She provides services, support, and educational training in the areas of domestic violence and sexual assault cases. Additionally, she received a calling to be a traditional Hmong shaman which she shares about and how that calling is tied to her professional career as a social worker. Angel offers a unique perspective of being a Hmong woman who is practicing shamanism in balance with being a wife, mother, and career oriented woman.La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA1Y
Bao Kue

Bao Kue has been an educator for nine years and has utilized art as a means to educate the public of her own Hmong identity, performance poetry. She advocates the use of art to build a community to challenge poverty, lack of education, and socioeconomic statuses. She incorporates the traditional Hmong Txiv Xaiv as an opening act before transitioning to English.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA8
Bao Lee

In the interview with Bao Lee, I discovered that she is all about skin care and beauty. Bao shared her inspiration of her life experiences growing up, maturing, and how having a skin care routine is vital to youthfulness. As a matter of fact, she truly believes that having great skin and applying products can definitely give you an overall appearance to working as a professional in your day to day life or job. Overall, I learned that having a great routine to your skin care prepares you well for your natural beauty and with makeup on you can be a transparency in all aspect of life.Weston, Wisconsin, USA2, 4, Bonus
Beauty & Skincare Expert PanelOur Beauty & Skincare expert panel share their expertise on skin care routines, skin types, and their best advice for make-up and beauty.  Self-love means being beautiful on the inside and outside.

• Bao Lee (Weston, Wisconsin, USA)
• Michelle Nguyen (Sydney, Australia)
• Miranda Xiong (New Brighton, Minnesota, USA)
• Gia Vang (Fresno, California, USA) - Moderator
Australia, California, Minnesota2, 4
Bekki Yang

Bekki Yang is Vice President of Sales and leads innovation at iHeartMedia-Milwaukee. She shares her journey about the climb up the corporate ladder, the challenges she faced, how she reinvented herself, the tough decision makings, mentorship, and the sacrifices she made as a mother to get to where she is today.Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA4
Chelsee Heu

Chelsee Heu shares her how motherhood led her into a journey with surrogancy. Being a surrogant mother (carrying someone else's child) was an amazing experience for her and eventually led her to start her own business, Kindred Surrogancy, to help others that wanted to start their own families with an alterative option. She talks about the common misconceptions about surrogancy, the judgements made within the Hmong community and why she's now openly talking about now as a way to raise awareness.Fresno, California, USA3
Chenue Her

Chenue Her shares his story about how he wanted to pursue a non-traditional career in journalism. He shares how his parents initally were unsure about this new industry until they realized that Hmong women were already in it. He shares how he sought out Hmong women mentors to help him break into this iindusrtry and talks about why he's openly taking a stand about supporting Hmong women.Norfolk, Virginia, USA3
Christina Xiong

Christina Xiong shares with us her story on perseverance against cyberbullying while pursing her passion in music and dance. She believes that you should never give up on your dreams, always stay positive, and build a support system through family and friends. Experiencing cyberbullying for the first time, her advice for everyone is learn to be kind to one another and do not let someone else's judgement dictate your dreamsFresno, California, USA1
Claudia Delahaye

Even though Claudia Delahaye had a rocky beginning for being born out of wedlock, she has since then rose up to become a very vocal advocate for Hmong women in France. An animation graphic designer for 13 years and with a strong sense of justice, she uses her talent to create stories that inspire other Hmong women to have their own voices and hopes to bring more political awareness and social changes in the Hmong community in France.La Rochelle, France2
Crystal Lee

Crystal Lee is a full time real estate investor and entrepreneur. She shares her experiences about taking the road less traveled and learning how to excel when she stands in her truth. She aims to inspire sisters all around the world to strive for their dreams when no one wants to bet on them.Sacramento, CA, USA9Y
Dolly Vang

Dolly Vang shares her LGTBQ journey with her long-time partner. She shares about how she eventually told her parents through a letter she wrote in Hmong. She talks about her challenges, internal conflicts, and how she needed to help her Italian partner better understand the Hmong culture. She shares her best life lessons and how she eventually realized that she needed to be true to herself in order to be happy.Melbourne, Aus4Y
Doua Kha

Doua Kha is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and queer activist. In her story, she shares her experience being a queer Hmong womyn, discussing its complexities. She hopes this can be a small step towards larger queer visibility in the Hmong community.Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA8
Dr. Mai Lee

Dr. Mai Lee Yang shares why financial education is important to women. She learned this the hard way after her first marriage led to divorce. After trusting her ex-husband with their finances, she realized that he did not save much for them. A former teacher, she now wants to help educate women so that they can learn from her mistakes and help themselves and those they care for be in a better financial situation for their future.Sacramento, California, USA6Y
Gia Vang

Gia Vang shares how she got started in media and the challenges she faced when starting out. In pursuit of a career in media, she moved all over the nation. She shares her biggest life lessons and best advice for being "the Hmong girl" that moved away from home.Fresno, California, USA2, 4Y
Health & Wellness Expert PanelOur Health & Wellness expert panel discuss the challenges of mental health facing many in the community today. They share what they've seen happening in the community and their expertise on addressing mental health and how fitness (physical health) and nutrition contribute to improving your overall health and wellness. At the heart of this discussion is how critical self-love and self-care is to your own self.

• Ia Xiong (Minnesota, USA) - Licensed Therapist & Psychologist
• Talee Vang (Minnesota, USA) - Licensed Therapist & Psychologist
• Trish Yang (California, USA) - Fitness
• Padee Yang (Minnesota, USA) - Moderator
Caifornia & Minnesota, USA3, 5
Hmong Sister from Australia

A Hmong sister from Australia shares her story of balancing life as a wife, a mother, and a student. Her story focuses on never stop believing in yourself to pursue higher education no matter what age, no matter what other people have to say, or marital status you may have. Anything is possible if you put your heart and mind into it.Cairns, Aus6
Hmong sister from California

Anonymous Hmong sister from California, USA shares her journey about how an innocent ride after school with a boyfriend led to being forced to get married young because of her parents' belief in Hmong traditions. Eventually, that marriage ended in divorce and she was faced with judgement within the Hmong community. It was when she wasn't looking for love, that she met the man of her dreams, a wonderful Caucasian man. A cautionary tale, she talks about how things still haven't changed today even though her journey was from 20+ years ago.San Diego, California, USABonus
Hmong sister from Illinois

Hmong sister from Illinois' story is of one in conquering much adversities as having been a Hmong woman who became a widow in her 20's to achieving her Master's degree in Business Management. She tells of how she fulfilled her late husband's final wishes with the support of her mom and current husband. Anonymous wants to inspire and empower Hmong women to pursue their dreams regardless of their circumstances.Illinois, USA10
Ia Xiong

Ia Xiong is a licensed psychologist  and certified life coach that specializes in holistic health and wellness. She emphasizes the importance of embracing our physical, spiritual, and mental health as a whole. These three components intertwine to affect our wellness. In addition, understanding the context of an individual's cultural/historical background is key, which, is why she hopes to get more involved with Hmong community.Twin Citites, Minnesota, USA3, 5, 10
Jane Sayaxang

Jane Sayaxang shares her emotional vision for world peace, and her journey through bullying, brokenness, domestic violence and feeling unworthy. Then she had a near death experience that woke her up. She found God and became a Muslim. Through the beautiful stories and teachings, she is becoming a better person.Brisbane, Australia1Y
Julia Heu

Julia Heu shares a powerful message about asking for help so you can better know who you are. She shares her journey about ADHD (Attention Deficit Hypertension Disorder) and how that impacted her career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). She managed to get through high school, but it was when she got into college that she began to really struggle. She turned to drinking and thought that was "normal." Diagnosed just two years ago, Julia shares the relief that she finally felt. She shares how ADHD is also a strength in her STEM career.Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA6
Kaosong Yang

Kaosong Yang is married with two children for 15 years. Kaosong graduated from University of Wisconsin Madison with both a Bachelor and Masters degrees in Industrial Management. She currently works in the healthcare industry as a Management Engineer/Management Consultant for almost 20 years now. Kaosong shares her story about how she decided to pursue a career in the STEM field and working in Industrial Engineer as one of very few Hmong women in that field. Kaosong hopes to inspire and strongly encourage for Hmong girls to consider pursuing career opportunities in the STEM field.Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA7
Kazia Moua

Kazia Moua shares her journey as a creative writer, aspiring filmmaker, and her bisexuality. As a senior at Winder Barrow High School, she shares how she works her way up to graduation, her family's involvement in performing arts started her own journey around 7th grade. From singing to filmmaking and writing, Kazia loves the Arts. She loves telling stories and wants to capture every moment of the story. She thanks her Aunt Lee and family for inspiration and support.Winder, Georgia, USA9Y
Kimberly Lee

Kim Lee learned a hard lesson about friendship and the lack of LGBTQ awareness in high school. When she confided in a friend that she was bisexual, her "coming out" led to rumors and bullying. Now in college, Kim is an advocate in raising LGTBQ awareness. She shares the lessons she's learned about herself and gives advice on how to support a LGBTQ friend.Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, USABonus
Lori Lee

Lori Lee is a traditionally published author of Young Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy books. She shares her childhood dreams of becoming an author at a very young age writing her first book in elementary. Even as a wife and mother she never gave up on her passion.Growing up many of the books she read had main characters that were white males. Given the lack of female leading characters, she was inspired to write a book starring an Asian female leading character, which, happens to be her first traditionally published book.Wisconsin, USA2
Mai Der Vang

Mai Der Vang shares her journey of being a single mother after divorce at 32 years old. She became an entrepreneur who began her sewing business to provide her daughter and 2 other girls in her village a chance to pursue a degree in higher education. She lives in Yunnan Province, China.Yunnan Province, China1
Mai Moua

Mai Moua is now known for self-love at the core of her health and fitness expertise. But how she got here was not overnight, Mai shares how domestic violence can happen to anyone, including her. She saw the early signs and talks about how she eventually got out of an abusive relationship to re-discover who she is and realized that she is deserving of self-love and so much.Brisbane, Australia7Y
Mai Pha

Mai Pha has many roles as a wife, volunteer and community leader, but the role that she is most proud of is being a mom of 4 kids and a fierce advocate for her gay son. She shares her beautiful story of love, faith and acceptance for a gay son who fought against all odds to stay alive as a premature baby and hopes that her heartfelt story will inspire and empower other Hmong mothers and parents to love their gay children too, no matter what their sexual identity is.Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA5Y
Mai Thor

Mai Thor is from St. Paul, MN. She serves in the capacity of Civic Engagement Coordinator for the State of Minnesota Department of Human Rights Office. Mai tells of her story as a Hmong woman with a disability. She is an active advocate for people with disabilities.Mai began her career in a non-profit law firm after college. She gives insight to challenges with Hmong people specifically Hmong women living with their disabilities.Saint Paul, Minnesota, USABonusY
Mai Yer Xiong

Maiyer Xiong shares her powerful journey of how she refused to let the stigma as a divorced Hmong woman define her. She experienced shame and self-doubt until she found clarity in her life and defied others’ expectations of who she ought to be. Maiyer worked hard to better herself and her community in Laos.Vientiane, Laos5Y
Mee Vang-Her

Mee shares her journey of coming to the USA from Vietnam. Her dreams of working in the medical field and the stereotypes that Hmong Americans may have of Hmong Vietnamese. Mee believes just because she is a woman does not mean she is unable to voice her opinions, she speaks from the heart so we can better understand a little more of what's really happening in Vietnam.Rochester, Minnesota USA (Vietnam)8
Michelle Nguyen

Michelle Nguyen who lives in Australia rises up from being a divorced young teen with two boys and believes it’s important that Hmong women pursue their dream so they can take care of themselves and feel confident about their own destiny. Today she is a strong Hmong woman entrepreneur, a wonderful mom and a wife in an interracial marriage and shares her journey about being a make up artist with the mission to empower women to look beautiful and feel confident about themselves.Sydney, Australia2, 4, Bonus
Miranda Xiong

Miranda Xiong shares her journey about discovering her passion with makeup. As she honed in on her make up craft, she overcame her own insecurities and fears. She talks about how she loves what she does because she gets to help her clients focus on True Beauty. Each client has their own story, but she believes her job is to help them uncover their True Beauty from the inside out. Her desire is to show them that they are already gorgeous and makeup is just there to remind them of what they already have.New Brighton, Minnesota, USA2, 4, Bonus
Mykou Thao

Mykou Thao is a wife, mother, musician, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. She shares her journey of how she got into entrepreneurship and how her many “failures” led her to start the successful HmongBaby.com in order to help parents teach their children the Hmong language. She shares how she taught herself business and balances that with motherhood and marriage.Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA3Y
Nancy DuQuette

Nancy Duquette talks about life as a Hmong expatriate in Germany. Living the expatriate life can be as exciting as it is challenging. You must be willing to take a chance to immerse yourself in an unfamiliar culture, going outside your comfort zone, and discovering your resiliency to overcome many challenges you’ll face in a new country.Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany7
Niam Tshuav

Niam Tshuav talks about life in Vietnam. She shares her story and views on Hmong women in Vietnam. What everyday life is compared to what we may understand or see from social media. How the stereotypes also affect her and how change is needed.Ma Thai, Vietnam1
Nkauj Vang

Nkauj Vang shares her journey about how she got into beauty and skincare. She believes that beauty allows women to feel good about themselves. She shares her career path and how she works with clients to better embrace beauty/skincare/wellness in order to help boost confidence in women of all ages.Oakdale, Minnesota, USABonus
Paku Her

From a family of doctors, Paku has always felt she was supposed to lead a life in the medical field. Though she has always aspired to work in fashion, she continued life in what she felt would make her family proud and what she felt was comfortable. With a degree in Kinesiology and career in a medical office, she knew she needed more color in her life. She has finally decided to let go of her medical career and follow her pursuit in life and fashion, where 'The Paku Her' blog was born. She shares her own experience on why following your dreams is so crucial to self-confidence and happiness.Stockton, California, USA4Y
PaNyia Vang

PaNyia Vang is a supermom to six beautiful children. As a mother to a child with disability, she shares her experience of  the many challenges and struggles she faced as a new mother to her miracle child. She emphasizes the importance of raising awareness and having a strong support system in order to provide the best life for your child and yourself.  Overcoming the many challenges she faced, she was inspired to create a support group to advocate and help other Hmong families in similar situations. She hopes that her story will help other families to know that they are not alone and there is a support group available for them to seek guidance.Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA9Y
See Cha

See Cha works in the STEM field in the Information Technology (IT) industry. She graduated from University of Wisconsin Stevens Point and obtained her MBA in Minnesota. See shares her personal story about how she got her start in IT and with the influence of her family who are entrepreneurs, she had a desire to develop her business acumen. See shares her compelling story about being a Hmong woman who is single with no kids, living in a large Hmong community and how she navigates through as a single Hmong woman.Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA8
Song Yang

Song Yang shares her motherhood journey with her son with Autism. Others said, "he's just an active boy." But she felt something was different. She shares how she blamed herself and felt so alone. She talks about about the stress this caused her marraige and how her husband and her struggled, nearly costing her her marriage. She walks us through a journey from the judgement from friends and families to why she's now advocating for Austim to raise awareness.Portland, Oregon, USA7Y
Star Bright Lee

Star is unapologetic about political and social activism.Sacramento, California, USABonusY
Trish Yang

Trish shares a journey not only about weight loss but challenging how we view food within the Hmong Community. She shares her experience as someone who struggled with asthma and how she didn't allow that to disrupt her lifestyle. She is passionate about educating the Hmong community on how eating heathy is very important now that we're in America. She also enjoys cooking and being creative in the kitchen.Fresno, California, USA3, 5, Bonus
Tru Yang

Tru Yang shares her personal journey in obtaining her postsecondary education to obtaining three undergraduate degrees in Accounting, Business Management, and Human Resources Management as a non-traditional student, all while she is married and a mother. Tru is currently a tax analyst in the Finance field for Chartwells. Prior to that role, she worked in non-profit.Stevens, Pennsylvania, USABonus
Txaj Vaj

Txaj reminds us how important the little things are and not to take for granted what we have and what we can achieve. Txaj shares the struggle of growing up extremely poor and how she promised herself she would not fall into the same situation. She supports her children by sewing and farming while her husand is away preaching God's word.Dien Bien Fum, Vietnam4
Victorious (Hmong sister from Minnesota)

It was just another night out with her friends until someone got killed, and her life changed forever. Victorious (not her real name) shares her journey through depression, how she rebuilt herself back up, and her life through education after this traumatic event. Victorious did not know until years later that she had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and did not get the help and support she needed to get through her college years. Now she shares her story to advocate for mental health and raise awareness to help others.Roseville, Minnesota, USA3Y
Xue Lee-Vang

Xue Lee-Vang lives in northwest Arkansas, currently working as a Career Coach for the University of Arkansas Walton College of Business' Career Services. Her professional background consists of working in Higher Education for the past 8 years and prior to that in corporate business and the legal fields. Xue Lee-Vang shares about her personal journey as having been a single mother for 12 years while pursuing her postsecondary education and professional goals despite the odds against her before she decided to re-marry. She tells her story as her personal testimony about how she grew her spiritual faith in God and converted to Christianity.Gentry, Arkansas, USA10
Xyee Koo

Xyee a recent graduate talks about education and the importance of having supportive parents. She shares that slowly but surely the Hmong community is changing but that there is always room for improvment. She shares what young professionals do and what the social life is like in Vietnam.Lao Cai, Vietnam6



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