Crystal Lee

About Crystal
 After failing to walk the stage in high school, many doubted Crystal Lee could recover and move forward in her life. That was the moment she realized she had to take life into her own hands if she was ever going to become the person she wanted to be.

As a child, she followed her parents to their office, picking up phone calls and shuffling paperwork after school, on the weekends, then in the summers as a teenager. She was fascinated by the idea of working for yourself, as you were responsible for your own level of success; no one else was. That mindset propelled her to open her first real estate investing company, Aurora Sky Property Investments, LLC at the age of 23, where she bought, sold, and negotiated real estate. One year later, she would go on to manage and oversee multi-million dollar, five star, beachfront properties on the white sands of Oahu, Hawai’i, where she enjoyed living by the water.

Crystal believes self education is the key to her successes. Her dream is to pave ways for the ambitious; for the “pob laib” girls and for the people no one remembers to believe in. She currently mentors others on growth and has a course called “Getting Naked”, where she teaches her mentees how to engage in conversation with potential clients and hone their leadership skills.

Entrepreneurship fuels her flames and she has made a firm promise to herself to pass on the torch to those who need it – to light their flames and ignite their dreams.