Mai Chia Yang

About May

Mai Chia Yang (or May) graduated from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with her bachelor degree in Sociology and an emphasize on Law and Criminology. Throughout her college years, she worked and volunteered with young Asian newcomers to the U.S and in the Twin Cities area. Those volunteer opportunities triggered a passion within her and so right out of college, she went abroad to pursue a global insight into the power of education. She decided to go teach and applied for a job in South Korea, but decided to stay in Thailand where she got her certification to teach English. She was there for 3 years and love the teaching experience.

When she returned to the United States, she was undecided about her career options and so obtained licenses as an agent for Life, Auto, and Home Insurance. She discovered that she wanted to grow her skill set so she got into Banking, Loans, and Accounting in hope that these sets of skills would help her to be her own boss someday.

Mai knows that the future is unpredictable. After she met her husband, they decided to settle down in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada where she is a stay-at-home mom to her cute prince and lovely family. She went through a lot of changes within the last two years of her life after marriage, but her curiosity about the life of other Hmong Women grew deeper as she took on different roles as a Hmong Woman herself.  So the social butterfly inside Mai cannot be contained because she likes to aspire and be inspired. She hopes to grow and learn new knowledge with HWTOTW.