Mai Dawb Pha

About Mai Dawb
 Mai Dawb Pha has her B.S. degrees in Business Administration & Management Information Systems (MIS), both from Metropolitan State University (Saint Paul, Minnesota) and an Associate’s degree in Liberal Studies from North Hennepin Community College (Brooklyn Park, Minnesota).

Mai Dawb previously worked on the Susan Pha for Brooklyn Park City Council – West District campaign team in 2016, as a field member, digital historian/photographer, and secretary for fundraising. She has supported Saint Paul City Council member Dai Thao’s campaign & Marny Xiong for Saint Paul Public School Board’s campaign, was a committee board member for her Pha family’s 2016 Pha Noj Tshiab, and a nominee for youth coordinator for Pha Association Inc. Mai Dawb was a former committee member of the Minnesota Hmong American Day 2018 (HAD 2018), and is a current & active committee member or trainer for Minnesota’s 2018 Little Hmong International Princess & Prince (LHIPP). As a HWTOTW tribal leader, Mai Dawb represents both Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Outside of work Mai Dawb enjoys live shows/entertainment, reading, writing, makeup, board games, photography, dancing, karaoke, as well as, outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. Mai Dawb loves traveling to new states and/or anywhere with some sand and a beach and also hopes to explore other countries in the near future!

Mai Dawb is young at heart, full of life, and energetic, always wanting to have fun! She can also be funny with her dry humor and/or laugh at her own jokes, when no one’s laughing. Mai Dawb wishes to be a positive role model for the youths of today to help them find their identity, cope with mental health issues, and to never give up! As she says, “You are not alone, and only you can tell your story. Only you can speak for yourself.” She encourages youth to have a voice and share their stories, as silence can be deadly.

Mai Dawb credits her perseverance and resiliency to her mother, father, and family back home in Minnesota. Mai Dawb Pha currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin with her fiancé. Wedding to come, Spring of 2018.