Maiyer Xiong

About Maiyer

Maiyer devoted her early years to education; in 2006, she graduated with a B.S. in Agriculture and started her career with a non-government organization. After graduation, she got married (as planned).  However, her marriage ended sooner than she had imagined.

Things didn’t work out; she and her husband were unable to understand each other because they had different goals and different ways of thinking. The stigma as a divorced Hmong woman had brought her to the lowest point of her life.  She experienced shame and self-doubt, and spent months in the temple to help her recover and find clarity in her life.

Her life turned around when she found a new purpose – to help her Hmong fellows to become self-sufficient through education. She recognized the barriers many Hmong students experience in Laos, and decided to take action.  She continued her education and obtained a Master’s Degree to become a University Lecturer, and a Master’s in Agriculture Development.

Maiyer is currently a teacher, and is constantly looking for ways to help the Hmong students. In 2015, she opened a community center to offer workshops on the weekend as an extra support services. She recently created a library (currently with about 100 books), and aims to expand the library and add a computer lab.

Maiyer is proud to be starting her family with someone who understands; her husband is a Chef and a Farmer who supports her journey as a Hmong woman in education trying to better her community in Laos.