Pa Vue

About Pa

Pa Vue is a writer, blogger and storyteller from Chico, California. She believes storytelling has the power to build courage, connection and community and strives to create spaces where women have the opportunity to share their personal stories. One of these spaces is her blog Cultivate & Refine where she shares her personal stories, features guest bloggers, and gives tips and strategies to help other women tell their stories.

After graduating with a degree in English and linguistics in 2008, Pa went to UC, Santa Barbara to study education. She has a Master of Arts in Education and has been working with high school and college students for the last seven years. She currently coordinates the Writing Center at California State University, Chico where she and her tutors provide writing support to hundreds of students.

Pa loves to travel, eat good food and watch movies with great storylines. She also writes novels and is working on her fourth novel, a story about a Hmong girl who has to rescue her mother’s soul. She lives with her husband, Alex, and their pup, a daring Havanese named Toby.