Pang Foua Xiong

About Pang

Pang is a Hmong woman who wears many hats. She is a mother, daughter, sister, mentor, friend and entrepreneur/professional. She is the founder and owner of Bodhi Wellness And Beauty Spa and LashesByPang located in Saint Paul, MN.

Pang previously dedicated over a decade of time and service, holding and growing in several roles, in the health care field at a community clinic in part of the University of Minnesota Academic Health Care Centers. After 11 years in service, she chose to devote her life intentionally in raising her children; And strengthening and creating a positive community for her family, our community of women and our youth.

In her most recent venture, she is living the life of an entrepreneur as a beauty therapist- with a specialty in eyelash extensions and a connector in bringing together Wellness/Beauty Practitioners and Creative Artists to offer community sessions in her shop. She is active in her community involving herself and kids in community initiatives and conversations that builds a positive community. Her recent projects include: MAIV PAC (A Hmong Women Political Action Committee), Entrepreneurship Training Workshops and creating Community Conversations where it brings together local elected officials, community members and families together to have conversations on how to build and contribute to building a healthy and inclusive community.

She is also a keeper of the traditions and is currently an active artist working on projects in the Hmong community to preserve the culture and art of the community through her artist production company- Red Strings Artistry. She is currently working on a collection of Elder Stories and preserving Hmong language, Culture, and Practices.

Pang believes holistic wellness and practicing self-awareness, love and healing. She dedicates her time and energy to teach and guide others to become self conscious to their truths and be responsible to ones own actions and how it impacts the individual and others. She believes in sincerely giving back to the community by making herself available to share life experiences, knowledge and assisting others in connect and navigate resources. She believes that uplifting others in those ways would create a more harmonious, positive and powerful impact in the continuation of building a healthy community.

Pang currently resides in Saint Paul, MN with her husband, Dao Yang and six children (Quiben Yang 15, Cole Yang 11, Priya Yang 10, Mangku Yang 6, EllaRose Yang 5, and Ethan Yang (3months).