Xue Lee-Vang

About Xue

Xue Lee-Vang has resided in northwest Arkansas for the last 14 years with her family. She is a Career Coach for the University of Arkansas Walton College of Business’ (Fayetteville, AR) undergraduate and graduate students, and has over seven years of higher education experience. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management and Master of Science in Leadership and Ethics from John Brown University (Siloam Springs, AR).

She balances her busy schedule not only as an ambitious career-oriented Hmong woman but also as a wife to Nai Vang, and mom of four children: Leng Gao Kue-19, Sengsai Liong Kue-17, Eliana-Grace Tshavntuj Vang-3, and Taigen Kheejnxtuj Vang-18-month old. Her fun, exciting responsibilities extends to helping her parents who are poultry farmers, volunteering in non-profit organizations, and serving her church and community. She previously served as the Board Secretary for the Hmong Arkansas, Inc. and is actively involved with the Single Parents Scholarship Fund of Benton County.

Xue loves to challenge, inspire, and empower people, especially Hmong women, to develop themselves professionally to maximize their true potential. She has a strong desire to help people discover their dream careers and life’s purpose through holistic coaching. When she is not trying to be superwoman, she loves to watch movies, exercise, listen to music, and spend time with her friends and family.

Xue enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and highly values their life experiences because she, herself has had to overcome much adversity. She put herself through school as a single mom to accomplish her degrees all the while taking care of her two oldest sons, working full-time, and going to school full-time. Xue credits her successes to God, her parents, and her husband and children. Even then, it goes beyond that inner circle of solid foundation in which she is fortunate for the special friends and mentors who’ve cheered and supported her to get her to where she is today. This is the primary reason why Xue is uber passionate about being a servant-leader and giving back to the world and its people as much as possible.

Xue wants to make a difference and push herself out of her comfort zone which is why she aspires to be a transformational coach, speaker, and joined the Hmong Women Take Over the World Summit. She’s excited to meet and interact with her Hmoob viv ncaus as well as niams, pogs,tais, & phaujs from all over the world!