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Tribal Leaders Get Exclusive Access


The time is now. We want to inspire Hmong women worldwide to live vibrant and intentional lives. That means harnessing our own authentic voice to overcome adversity and obstacles. In order to do that, our sisters must know they are not alone. 

By connecting with each other, we can raise awareness of what’s happening locally, we can better come together to learn and share strategies towards solutions that move us forward. So for just one day, can we come together globally to find each other and celebrate? That’s where you come in. 

Together, we can elevate a tribe of Hmong women passionate about our global sisterhood by amplifying their voices.  We truly have more in common than differences. Below we’ve listed ways that Tribe Leaders can bolster Hmong Women Take on the World.  As a Tribal Leader, you’ll get exclusive access to our Tribal Global leadership team and surprise giveaways. The best part is that each of these leaders have mentored, coached, launched new businesses, and can share advice to help you grow and gain new perspectives and skills.

Join our initiative – be a champion of taking on the world and bring more joy into your life!

IMPORTANT:  Only a limited number of spots are available so please apply now if you’re interested.

What to Expect


Every day moves us closer to the global Virtual Summit and we want to ensure no one misses out on our one-day global celebration. Tribe Leaders receive the latest information before everyone else.

• Share with your social media, friends, and family and ask them to invest and pledge and also share.

With each surprise, we encourage you to share this, along with your passion, with friends, family, and your social network.



More than anything, we want our Tribe Leaders to get involved in the movements and do what inspires them!

• Attend Monthly Live Calls (6 calls Jan-Jun) to get the latest information before everyone else

• Support with a financial Pledge in an amount that is meaningful to you.

Be it organizing the local gathering to watch the Virtual Summit, advocating for a cause, writing a Hmong children’s book with a global view, or capturing the diversity of Hmong women world wide, etc.  Lead the tribe and work to make this yours.


We want you to share your passions with our whole tribe community. Because you’re local, we encourage you to identify the Hmong women with stories to share and nominate them.

• Pay attention and help connect local topics to us, globally

Identify stories to share and nominate the Hmong Women to share

Often times we’re overly critical and overlook our struggles. And that’s why we need you. We want to hear about a storyteller or topic that excites you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if being a Tribal Leader is right for me?

You’re also a storyteller, but what sets you a part is your urgency with making things (sh*t) happen. You want to celebrate more. You want to bring more joy to those around you and your community. And you’re willing to move mountains because you believe we can do better – only if everyone was willing to work together.

Ambition might be a dirty word to some. But to you, ambition is what gets you through the tough moments and fuels your hope because you want better for yourself, for your family, for those you love.

Ambition can look-and-feel different. It can come within us or we rise up to it because of what’s happening around us.

Mother Theresa had ambition. Oprah Winfrey has ambition. Maykao Hang, Wilder Foundation CEO, has ambition. Pagnia Xiong, singer/songwriter, has ambition. Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani education advocate, has ambition.

So do you. That’s why you’re here. And that makes you a Tribal Leader.

You might be thinking I’m not a role model like that. That just isn’t me. But if you ask them, they probably didn’t set out to become one either. They just stepped into their authenticity and what they felt they needed to.

Elizabeth believes that when one rises, we all rise. You just need to make a difference in that one woman’s life. No matter how far you go from home, you find your way back somehow. So will she. No one should get left behind.

What’s the time commitment?

There will be a monthly live call and then it’s what you make of the experience. We’ve found that the more you put in, the more you will get out of it. Why? Because you’ll find it more rewarding as you connect with more Hmong women because you’ll have more impact. It’s the human connection.

How old do I have to be?

You must be at least 18 years old to apply. Note: By applying you attest to be at least 18 years old or older.

How will I know if I made it?

You will be contacted by the team after you submission has been received. 

More Questions?