Dear Divorced Hmong Woman letter

Inspire a Sister – write a Dear Divorced Hmong Woman letter

Hmong Women Take on the World’s vision is to uplift, inspire, and celebrate our Hmong sisters worldwide.  We’ve listened to your stories, and we heard you loud and clear, sisters.

Being a divorced Hmong woman (poj nrauj) continues to be a stigma that hurts many sisters worldwide — our self-esteem, our confidence, and our sense of worth. And it also impacts our children, especially our daughters.

The judgement from the people that are supposed to love us.

The judgement from Hmong Women, whom we feel should stand with us, and not against us.

It hurts. It tears us apart. It breaks us down.

But do you know what happens to a seed when it cracks? What seems like broken-ness to one is actually a transformation in the making. When vulnerable, a seed absorbs the water it needs to transform and blossom. And you, my dearest divorced Hmong sister, will rise and grow to blossom.

Even though some customs in our culture in this big world hasn’t changed. Many of us Hmong sisters have evolved.

In honor of you and the hardship that you’ve encountered, we share with you our words of encouragement.  This pledge campaign is dedicated to you, with our hopes that it will help you find your way to healing.

Thank you kindly for your support to all divorced Hmong women.

How It Works

1. Write your letter (in Hmong or English) by completing the Google form:

2. Make a Pledge ($20 minimum suggestion) via Pay Pal:

3. Once your form and pledge is completed, your Letter will be shared with our Hmong sisters worldwide on our website and social media outlets.

An example is shared here:

Dear Divorced HW Letter Campaign