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We are changing the way businesses advertise and we’re so excited! We’re looking for business sponsors that are dreaming bigger and are forward-thinking, innovative thought leaders to stand with us in funding Hmong Women Take on the World’s Global Virtual Summit – a global live stream from our website where Hmong sisters worldwide come together to celebrate all-day.

In return for sponsorship, we put your business in front of a global diverse, Hmong audience across many countries. 

What are the Sponsor Packages?

We’re offering multiple AMAZING advertising opportunities over the next 4 months, from now until June 2018!

How Fast Are You Growing?

We’re so grateful for what our sponsors and individual backers can help us accomplish this year. Only in four months, over 3,500 global followers across social media platforms. We have more than 50 women and nearly 100 storytellers partnering across 9 countries:

• Australia
• Canada
• China
• France
• Germany
• Laos

Package Details

Social Media Mentions & eNewsletter Email

You get social media mentions to over 3,500 followers across all social media influence (Facebook, HWTOTW page, Elizabeth Yang’s personal page, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest). You’ll also get featured in our eNewsletter to over 1,000 email subscribers by package tiers.  

Our Global Website (

You’ll get to recognized on our global website. Since we launched 4 months ago, we’ve had 12,390 viewers from across the world that have viewed pages on our website from all over the world. As shown below, the United States (red) is where we have the most visitors, spanning Australia, Canada, France, Laos, and so forth.

Digital Online LookBook

You’ll be featured with advertisement space according to your package in our digital online lookbook, expected to launch in April. Our look book is an epic Hmong photography collaboration that features positive images of diverse Hmong sister across ages and different life stages, from college to motherhood. We’ve also fused it with inspirational quotes and words that come directly from our Hmong sisters.

Global Virtual Summit

You’ll be featured during our global virtual summit according to your package in May. Our Virtual Summit will be an all-day global celebration where people from all around can access on our website to watch. Select cities around the world will also be hosting “Summit Viewing” gatherings for their local communities to encourage people to meet in-person. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Global Virtual Town Hall & Digital Online Magazine

You’ll get featured in our global virtual town hall and digital online magazine according to your package in June. In June, we wrap up our journey with a Global Virtual Town Hall that is open to the public worldwide to attend where Elizabeth Yang will share the milestones accomplished, leading up to the Summit. The “playback” will be a slideshow or video presentation that shows this journey. She will recognize the people, backers, and sponsors that made the Summit happen.

The Global Digital Magazine captures our journey and the stories submitted to be shared back into the world. We are striving to have the magazine available in both English and then translated into Hmong with resources available.

What are the Funds For?

Your sponsorship helps ensure the Global Summit can be made FREE and ACCESSIBLE by supporting the technology resources and awareness efforts to ensure the Summit happens every year. Making the Summit:

• FREE: More can attend to connect, inspire, and learn about the issues happening around the world

• ACCESSIBLE:  More can access the Summit to watch and participate. Overseas, not everyone has access to the internet or technologies. Funds help us train and provide the means they may need to bring women overseas together from villages to gather. 

We need your help to build and uplift our global Hmong sisterhood because if one rises, we all rise. In demonstration of our gratitude, Hmong Women Take on the World would like to offer you a global opportunity for recognition and to amplify your business and brand.


We appreciate your consideration to be a part of this global movement. Address further inquiries to:

Elizabeth Yang, Founder via Contact.

Disclaimer: As a business sponsor your financial contribution is not generally considered tax deductible. We can’t give tax advice so please consult with a tax expert. We suggest this considered as amazing opportunity for social cause marketing and advertising.