Individual Pledges: Make the Summit Accessible and Free to Attendees

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PAY PAL REMINDER: We use Pay Pal to securely process our transactions. When you use a credit card, Pay Pal takes a percentage. Please pledge with electronic transfers, if you can, so 100% of proceeds goes towards this initiative. Thank you.

What You Get for Your Individual Pledges 

You don’t have to be Hmong or a woman to pledge.  Your pledge shows the world that you stand with women and girls.  Because of your mother, daughter or sister, you, too, want a better world for them. Just like a Kickstarter campaign, you get rewards for your pledge (financial contribution). Every dollar in any amount counts.  We know this because you’re just not talking.  You’re actually taking action and doing something about it.

Pledge & Rewards Overview

Check out the rewards you get with each amount pledged.

Reward Details

For each pledge, you get rewards for that tier and prior tiers. For example, if you pledge $25 (tier 3), you get that reward and the rewards for tiers 1 and 2. Sponsors work exactly the same way too.

Fund a Dream

Help us make Hmong Women Take on the World Virtual Summit happen in 2018.  Turn a dream into a reality for thousands. Bring dozens of Hmong women and girls from across the world together for an all-day celebration to gain a global perspective. We’d like to have the Summit accessible and offer tickets at little to no cost. Our aim is to make the Summit free and safe so everyone can access.

What Are the Funds For?

We want to make this the best experience possible. Your financial contribution ensures that this Summit can be made widely available and accessible. Funds can be used to cover financial constraints our Hmong sisters oversea likely will come across (like having to pay for internet usage at cafes), to the technology services and resources to ensure consistent connectivity, special needs accommodations, and ensuring a positive and engaging experience between now until the Virtual Summit. Any pledged amount counts, even $10.

Together, lets make this happen.   Join us in our journey to ensure that the Summit is accessible by everyone.  It would not be possible without you.

Disclaimer: We are not a charitable organization and, as such, this contribution is likely considered non-tax deductible.  We can’t give tax advice so please consult with a tax expert.