Planning Team

Meet Your Tribe Global team!

Our leadership team was built on the vision that the bold Hmong woman turns words into courageous action and believes that when one rises, we all rise.  We are a dynamic, passionate group coming from diverse backgrounds and industries, and yet we can agree on a few basic ideals: Hmong women are awesome and we’re evolving. 

Through hard work, building relationships, willingness to learn, and grit, Hmong women can flourish. By engaging and empowering Hmong women economically, we can activate a tribe of current and future leaders and influencers with the power to change the world.

We hope you’ll join us on this exhilarating journey. Our time is now. 

Our 2020 Planning Team

To be announced

Our 2018 Planning Team

Elizabeth Yang

Boston, Massachusetts, USA
About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Yang was inspired by a conversation with her 7-year old daughter to ignite the Hmong Women Take on the World movement. She believes in bettering the world and amplifying those in pursuit of better.

Elizabeth brings 10+ years of experience in Fortune 50 companies driving innovative new growth businesses in R&D, product development, and leading and coaching teams. From ideas to concept to marketplace launches, she brings a convergence of experience in generating value in products, services, and business models that tap into her background across healthcare, education, staffing, and retail.

She enjoys the challenge of being a Research & Development Innovation Program Strategy Director at a top Fortune 10 global healthcare IT innovation company along side being the founder and CEO of her own company, Better With Company, which is where Hmong Women Take on the World sits as a global social brand experience platform. She also advises startups and is passionate about mentoring emerging leaders, women, and girls. Elizabeth believes this new way of co-creating global social brand platforms — the fusion of social media, marketing, technologies, and experiences — amplifies specific messages into the world faster than ever before.

Curiosity and making an impact drives her continuous learning. Her sweet spot is Human Factors in Behavior Economics, Design Thinking, Emerging Technologies, and Productivity in High Performance.

She enjoys traveling, reading and a good laugh. You’ll find her mostly embarking on life adventures with her amazingly, handsome husband and adorable minions — her two kids —  in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Cynthia Yongvang

Seattle, Washington, USA
About Cynthia
Cynthia Yongvang is the founder and CEO of the Cynthia Yongvang brand in Washington state, a Textile and Fashion company inspired by art forms from her Hmong culture and other cultures around the world, the co-owner of Pacific Moon Catering specializing in Asian fusion cuisine from the Pacific Rim, and the co-founder and co-chair of the Hmong Impact Giving Circle with the mission to empower the Hmong community by supporting programs that improve the quality of life for the Hmong and inspiring others to give back. Cynthia is also a Hmong Women Today Ambassador, a NAPAWF-Seattle member and a cohort member of the Community Leadership Institute at the Puget Sound Sage.

Prior to her entrepreneurial journey, she worked for many years in the nonprofit sector as the former executive director of the Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment in Minnesota, volunteered with many community groups and served on several boards including the Ramsey County Workforce Investment Board, Center for Hmong Arts and Talent, NAPAWF, Hnub Tshiab: Hmong Women Achieving Together (formerly the Hmong Women’s Action Team), the New American Collaborative and the Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities. She was also the co-founder of the first Hmong giving circle, the Hmong Women’s Giving Circle in Saint Paul, MN.

As a Hmong woman and a social justice activist with a disability, Cynthia is passionate about self-advocacy for people with disabilities, women and girls’ issues, collaborating to achieve a more sustainable impact, collective activism for greater social change, diversity and inclusion of all people. She is very excited to support the Hmong Women Take On The World Summit in 2018 and looks forward to connecting with Hmong women and girls from around the world!

Dia Yang

Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
About Dia
Dia Yang is a passionate education activist. She has her Bachelors in Social Studies Education and her Masters in Higher Education Administration both from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota. She has had experience teaching within the Minneapolis Public School District, and coordinating retention efforts for underrepresented and underserved students, and is committed in creating equitable opportunities for historically marginalized groups.

Dia is an active campaign organizer within AIM: Building Our Future and is a Co-Champion of the education workgroup within Coalition of Asian American Leaders. She recently was awarded WSU Knowledge, Empowerment, Advocacy, and Pluralism Community Award for creating the Understanding Inclusion and Diversity Certificate co-curricular certificate program at Winona State University. Currently she serves as the Education Program Director within Student Inclusion and Diversity Services at University of St. Thomas, St. Paul.

Mai Moua

Brisbane, Australia
About Mai
Mai Moua is passionate about health and fitness. Mai competed in BodyBuilding in 2014 and is now a qualified Personal Trainer. She manages a gym in the heart of South Brisbane, Australia. She also has her online Fitness Coaching Business and this is where all the magic happens.

Through her passion, she reaches and guides women and men to set goals and accomplish them. She coaches women on self-love and self-acceptance because Mai believes that being healthy isn’t just the physical, but also the emotional and mental.

When Mai is not working, she loves spending quality time with her daughter and family, catching up with friends and training.

Mai Moua

Massachusetts, USA

About Mai
 Mai Moua has been in the higher education sector for more than 5 years and has always enjoyed advising, counseling and directing students find a career that truly fits them.

She is focused on putting her passion and skills to good use by supporting organizations and projects that she really cares about whether it’s being an interpreter for Hmong non-English speakers to creating greater cultural awareness or writing stories to share with the world.

One of her hobbies is writing and painting. She loves to travel and spend time with her friends and family.

Nischa Xiong

Boston, MA, USA
About Nischa
Nischa Xiong is an experienced accountant professional in the commercial real estate investment industry with over 6 years of experience from small companies to Fortune 500. She is a strong believer in surrounding yourself with those who will empower you to grow.

Growing up as the only girl of four, she always wanted a sisterhood of support, which inspired her to join Asian Sisters Participating In Reaching Excellence (ASPIRE) as a Mentor Coordinator and Hmong Women Take on The World as a Global Tribe Member.

During her free time she enjoys traveling and making memories with family and friends. She is also an animal lover and loves spending time spoiling her furbaby Grundy.