Pledge & Sponsor

What You Get for Your Contribution or Sponsorship

You don’t have to be Hmong or a woman to pledge or become a business sponsor.  Your financial support shows the world that you stand with women and girls.  Because of your mother, daughter or sister, you, too, want a better world for them. For businesses, we’re looking for forward-thinking individuals like you. You get your business in front of a global brand and audience as part of a growing trend with social cause marketing and advertising.

Every dollar in any amount counts.  We know this because you’re just not talking.  You’re actually taking action and doing something about it.

Individual Pledges & Contribution

Just like a Kickstarter campaign, you get rewards for your pledge (financial contribution) as an individual.


Business Sponsorships Available

Amazing sponsorship opportunities are available for innovative businesses that want to do business uniquely and show their support for a global movement.