PRGC’s Gorgeous 2-piece Chain Ring Set (Versatile Left or Right)


PRGC gifted this GORGEOUS 2-piece chain ring set to support Hmong Women Take on the World.

PRGC’s Bijoux filigree ring was inspired by the current chain ring combination trend. This beautiful 2-piece ring set is adorned with hand set premium gems and connected together with 2 chains. The pictures does not do justice!! We promise you won’t be disappointed. Versatile for left or right hand.


Retail Value: $65

Shop more from the Pretty Rock Girl Collectiona bold, unapologetically playful – FASHION, BRIDAL AND RESORT-WEAR collection of “Art-Inspired” shoes and accessories.

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  • The Pointer Knuckle ring size is size 6 or 7.
  • The thumb ring size is a size 8 and fits most thumb finger tips.
  • No Refunds. These purchase excludes any rewards. PRGC gifted item with all proceeds to go Hmong Women Take on The World.
  • Shipping: U.S.A shipping is included in the price. International shipping is extra – please contact us with inquiries. 

About Zong Xiong

The brand emerged in 2011 by designer Zong to nurture the “MODERN” breed of non-conforming fashion intellectuals inspired by the “NEW” styles of the times. Driven by constant curiosity and lurking to re-define sartorial fashion with no limits – PRGC is ever changing – offering a plethora of uncompromising fashion-contrasting pieces that transcends and touch many different universes-stretching boundaries and empowering individuals to not only break the traditional fashion rules but make new ones!

The Pretty Rock Girl Collection(PRGC) is a bold, unapologetically playful – FASHION, BRIDAL AND RESORT-WEAR collection of “Art-Inspired” shoes and accessories.

The heart and soul of every design illuminates from a ray of of sparkle somewhere in between Otherworldly Beauty and Ethereal Badass.

Meticulously hand made in the USA with the finest components found around the globe, PRGC caters to the “New World” Fashion Renegades, the Beautiful Outcasts, the Exotic Dreamers, the Romantic Rebels, the Infectious Risk-takers, the Daring Pop-Culture Phenoms, the Free-spirited, the Whimsical-at-heart & the  Dramatic Closet Queens.

“Throw her to the wolves and she’ll come back leading the pack.” -Pretty.Rock.Girl.Collection


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