Welcome to the Hmong Women Take on The World Shop

Hello supporters and sisters! We’re excited to see you here. Our sisterhood creations are intended to uplift and make wonderful gifts for family, friends or even yourself. We believe in amplifying sisters’ talents, voices, and platforms.

To encourage inspiration and growth from the evolving Hmong women and girls worldwide, these special creations are gifted by fellow sisters to Hmong Women Take on the World. When you make a purchase or pledge, take a moment to meet the Woman-Behind-the-Creation. Learn more about her.

Proceeds go towards our Global Virtual Summit coming in May 19-20, 2018! For this reason, there is a No Refund policy. These purchases exclude any rewards. Please review carefully and contact the individual directly with any questions before making a purchase. 

We thank you for your support and hope to see you at the Summit!


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