Global Virtual Summit 2018

May 19-20

Available for free until 5/25. All Access Pass needed after 5/26.

An all-day global celebration where sisters and brothers worldwide come together to celebrate Hmong women and girls. Come join this celebration and hear inspiring stories from Hmong women—the Summit is free for a limited time!

Our Time is Now

The Summit was a success thanks to you!

Hmong sisters from all over the world connected to celebrate – just for a day. Come share your favorite highlight and give feedback at our Global Community Forum, public town hall.

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At the Forum, we will launch the Digital Magazine

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We plan to debut our documentary video of our six month journey so you can see the progress we've made together.


Inspiring Stories. 46 Amazing Storytellers. Details here.

Maiyer Xiong shares her powerful journey of how she refused to let the stigma as a divorced Hmong woman define her. She experienced shame and self-doubt until she found clarity in her life and defied others’ expectations of who she ought to be. Maiyer worked hard to better herself and her community in Laos.

Maiyer Xiong  

Vientiane, Laos

Kazia Moua shares her journey as a senior at Winder Barrow High School, working her way up to graduation. Her family's involvement in performing arts started her own journey around 7th grade. From singing to filmmaking and writing, Kazia loves the Arts. She loves telling stories and wants to capture every moment of the story. She thanks her Aunt Lee and family for inspiration and support. 

Kazia Moua

Winder, GA, USA

Mykou Thao is a wife, mother, musician, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. She shares her journey of how she got into entrepreneurship and how her many “failures” led her to start the successful in order to help parents teach their children the Hmong language. She shares how she taught herself business and balances that with motherhood and marriage.

MyKou Thao

Saint Paul, MN, USA

Bekki Yang is Vice President of Sales and leads innovation at iHeartMedia-Milwaukee. She shares her journey about the climb up the corporate ladder, the challenges she faced, how she reinvented herself, the tough decision makings, mentorship, and the sacrifices she made as a mother to get to where she is today.

Bekki Yang 

Milwaukee, WI, USA

Jane Sayaxang shares her emotional vision for world peace, and her journey through bullying, brokenness, domestic violence and feeling unworthy. Then she had a near death experience that woke her up. She found God and became a Muslim. Through the beautiful stories and teachings, she is becoming a better person.

Jane Sayaxang

Brisbane, Australia

Nancy Duquette talks about life as a Hmong expatriate in Germany. Living the expatriate life can be as exciting as it is challenging. She shares her journey of taking chances, immersion in an unfamiliar culture, going outside your comfort zone, and discovering resiliency to overcome the challenges of living in a new country.

Nancy Duquette

Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany

We started the Global Virtual Summit at the same time

to celebrate LIVE all around the world with each other

What to Expect

The bigger purpose is to celebrate at the exact moment with our sisters worldwide.

Through each others' stories, learn how your Hmong sisters are overcoming obstacles and adversity to find their authentic voices. Gain the strength, clarity, love, strategy, and growth you want for a vibrant and intentional life.


Draw strength from the diverse Hmong women worldwide as we honor their diverse journeys and learn from each other.


Uplift one another. Share and amplify powerful, local stories to make a difference for the next generation.


Harness your authentic self by finding and connecting with your tribe to gain a global perspective for a local impact.


Relevant conversations from diverse point of views in a variety of languages across different generations.

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The stories includes those shown during the Live Summit, but also some extended versions. There are nearly 30 stories from Australia, China, France, Germany, Laos, USA, and Vietnam. For less than $2 USD a story, your purchase will help make the Summit happen next year.

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About the Host

Hi. I’m Elizabeth Yang. I’m the founder of Hmong Women Take on the World, a movement inspired by my 7-year-old daughter to not forget what it means to be a Hmong woman.


Our Global Virtual Summit is unlike any other - it’s an all-day global celebration online with a local impact. We bring the global space so you can find your tribe to make a local difference.


I’m here to bring the inspiration to connect our global sisters worldwide to help each other rise up so we can each create vibrant and intentional lives. I believe that when one rises, we all rise.


I take a co-creative approach to leadership and performance. I have 10+ years of experience at Fortune 50 companies driving innovative new growth businesses in Research & Development, product development, marketing, and social media. I am CEO and founder of Better With Company, a lifestyle technology and customer experience firm. I lead innovation programs at large Healthcare IT company. I serve as an advisor for start-ups and enjoy mentoring others and always a good laugh.

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