City Host FAQ


What is a City Host?

A city host is an inspired individual or group of individuals that would like to celebrate Hmong women global day. The individual(s) is open to hosting an event to watch the Summit at her/his location to watch the Hmong Women Take on the World Global Virtual Summit.  This could be a public or private event.

What is a Public or Private event?

A public event is where the City Host is open to inviting to the local community to attend the viewing at her/his location. The location could be the person’s place of business or service, like an educational institution or church. A private event is where the City Host invites a limited number of attendees. Often times this at a private residence.

Hmong Women Take on the World is not responsible for any liability for you hosting or any of costs associated with hosting the event and/or location.  

What does a City Host do?

A City Host will inform his/her friends, family, community, etc. about the purpose of the Hmong Women Take on the World Global Virtual Summit and invite them to attend the celebration at your preferred location (i.g.your home, church, restaurant) to watch the Global Virtual Summit together, possibly with snacks or food and drinks. The format is completely up to you.

What does a City Host need?

You’ll need high speed, reliable internet connection, audio speakers, and a  monitor or projector to stream the virtual summit so that everyone at the event can watch it.

If you’re watching the summit and have been confirmed by HWTOTW for a live stream, you’ll also need a second monitor with a microphone. You will be joining through a live video call (through the video/audio conferencing platform called ‘Zoom’). Live stream means you’re video/audio will be added into the summit so that anyone that is watching the summit can also see your site live.

When should a City Host inform invitees of the Global Virtual Summit celebration?

We recommend you sending invitations from our Facebook Page two (2) weeks prior to the summit (May 19th or 20th depending on where you are located in the world). Whether your event is public or private, sending an invitation from our Facebook page ensures that you get direct updates from the HWTOTW team. We can help you set this up.

What time does the celebrate start/end? How long will the celebration be?

We want to start the celebration at the same exact moment to celebrate with our sisters worldwide. The time details are provided here.

The celebration can last for as long as you want! Though we recommend a solid 3-5 hours so you wouldn’t miss many of the wonderful stories from our sisters and brothers.

You’ll have an opportunity to watch the stories at a later time for a limited time. Each person must register individually on our website in order to access the stories at a later time. For example, as a City Host, you only need to register for you to access. But if your guests want to watch it later, they each have to register individually.

What will the City Host need to do DURING the celebration?

The City Host and guests should post any selfies, snapshots or video clips of their celebration on our Facebook Page at Your posts might make it live on the summit.

Remember to discuss with all of the attendees how important it is to love our Hmong sisters, so we too can help our Hmong brothers! We would also like the City Host to ensure their attendees are aware of our online presence at We’re always looking for the right leaders to help us empower Hmong women everywhere! Happy Celebrating!

What will the City Host need to do AFTER the celebration?

Remind everyone that after the Summit, they are invited to attend the HWTOTW Global Community Forum on June 23, 2018 (USA). We welcome the public to attend to share their favorite highlights and to provide us with feedback so we can improve the summit.

During this Global Community Forum, founder, Elizabeth Yang, will share the results of our journey and the outcomes from the summit. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Details can be found on our Facebook Page at