Summit FAQ

What is the Hmong Women Take on the World Virtual Summit?

The Hmong women Take on the World Virtual Summit is an all-day global celebration where sisters and brothers worldwide come together to celebrate Hmong women and girls. Although this summit is an online event, there is also local gatherings happening worldwide. The event is free for a limited time, through registration (click here to register).

The online celebration will feature a large number of inspiring Hmong storytellers sharing their own journey of overcoming adversity through a series of recorded interviews. The summit will also includes two panels: Health & Wellness panel and Beauty & Skincare panels that both focus on self-care.
These storytellers come from varying countries like USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, China, Thailand and/or Laos.

Why should I attend the Hmong Women Take on the World Virtual Summit?

Our hope is that you gain inspiration and insight to connect and create the change you want for yourself in your life. You will have the opportunity to join and get inspired by amazing Hmong women who have overcome challenges, yet have still climbed to the top and learn how they did it. You will meet empowering top performers in a variety of fields like life and leadership coaching, beauty experts, and entrepreneurship, motherhood, just to name a few.  

You will also get to hear from storytellers who had to shift their mindset to overcome the obstacles and challenges they were facing. Come and join us to applaud those women who took control of their life and. Explore what it looks like to create inspired impact in the world for our Hmong women.

When is the Hmong Women Take on the World Virtual Summit?

The Hmong Women Take on the World Virtual Summit is a one day online event that will take place on May 19-20, 2018 (USA). May 19th will be the USA start with other countries starting on May 20th.

What time does the celebrate start/end? How long will the celebration be?

We want to start the celebration at the same exact moment to celebrate with our sisters worldwide. The time details are provided here.

The celebration can last for as long as you want! Though we recommend a solid 3-5 hours so you wouldn’t miss many of the wonderful stories from our sisters and brothers.

You’ll have an opportunity to watch the stories at a later time for a limited time. Each person must register individually on our website in order to access the stories at a later time.

Is the Virtual Summit really Free?

The virtual summit will be free for everyone to access for an unlimited time through registration. The virtual summit will be made accessible for free from May 19th – May 25th.

How do I register?

All attendees mayclick here and enter your email to claim your free ticket!

Who are the speakers?

The speakers are Hmong storytellers from all walks of life: teachers, students, entrepreneurs, fashionistas, makeup artists, domestic abuse survivors, women with disabilities, mothers, etc.

What are they going to talk about?  

The Hmong Women Take on the World Virtual Summit stories reflect the diverse roles and challenge our Hmong sisters face and range from life locally, to education, mentoring, entrepreneurship, leadership, careers, to taboo topics, just to name a few.

What happens if I miss a story?

If you miss a story, you can access our website (must register) to watch it for free from May 19th – May 25th. After this time, you will need to buy an All Access Pass to watch any stories that you may have missed. This Pass also allows you to watch extended stories and interviews. You can click here to purchase your All Access Pass.

What do I need to do to view the FREE summit?

You must individually register to be able to attend the summit. Just click here to register (email opt-in). You will get the rest of the information through email with all of the details that you need. Then, on May 19th-20th, you need a Internet connection with a monitor and audio.

Can I share this with a friend?

You can definitely share with a friend, but we highly recommend you become a city host to watch it with your family and friends. What better way than to have a local community celebration! Click here to become a city host.

How can I help?

To ensure the Virtual Summit can be made FREE and ACCESSIBLE worldwide year after year, there are 2 main ways you can help: 1) Pledges can be made by clicking here. In exchange for Pledges, you get rewards. 2) You can shop online on our HWTOTW shop here. These products or services have proceeds coming back to fund the summit. Important to note that contributions are not tax-deductible. We appreciate your support.