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Get Ready to Inspire

We’re doing this differently. You get to tell us what matters to you.  We’re crowdsourcing ideas, topics, and storytellers for the Virtual Summit on May 19-20, 2018.

Submission Deadline for Topic-Speaker-Idea is 03/31/2018.

Amplifying Our Voices

Between now and the Summit, when you share your story, we can help amplify your story in two ways:

1. Your story can be featured in our outreach efforts on social media, email, or with our partners

2. You can be invited to talk about your story at the Virtual Summit with crowdsourcing (live or pre-recorded session)

It’s not “either/or.” You can be considered for both or just one based on your preference.

We highly encourage that you pursue both because our main goal is to amplify as many stories from our sisters to showcase the diversity of Hmong women everywhere.

What Is A Storyteller?

A storyteller is a Hmong woman that has a specific story that she wants to share with others to inspire, ask for support, raise awareness, or teach a life lesson that she believes would help others.

How It Works

1. Complete the Submission Form below by 3/31/2018. Send in ideas, or nominate yourself or someone you know with a powerful story to share.

2. After your submission, our team will follow up with you to discuss further.

Submission Form

What Is Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is generally the process of getting ideas, funds, or requests from a crowd of people.

What To Expect

For the Virtual Summit, we are crowdsourcing stories specifically for the Summit as time is limited. We encourage you to submit your story now.

1. After the stories get submitted, the planning team will narrow down the ideas. We will be looking for diversity in topics and a storytellers from different regional areas.

2. Poll the audience for what they’d like to hear to vote. We won’t disclose names.

3. Contact you to in advance to confirm.


You can get in touch.