Welcome to Hmong Women Take On The World

Are You Coming to the Summit?

JOIN US! Hmong Women Take on the World Virtual Summit is May 19-20, 2018Be sure to register so you can join us for the live Global Virtual Summit. You must register in order to get access to the live Global Virtual Summit. 

Today’s modern Hmong woman and girl are evolving.  As we move forward, let’s not forget how we’re connected and take a moment to honor the diverse journeys. Our time is now.

The world is ours.  To inspire and connect.

Let us find each from all over the world and for one day, just one day, celebrate. The live, all-day celebration features the diversity of today’s Hmong women leaders and influencers from all corners of the globe.

Come ready to be inspired, to laugh, connect, and join in real-talks to gain a global perspective.  We bring the global “stage” so you can find your tribe to connect and make a difference.

Join us in this journey. It’s not possible without you.

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